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Forum » SpaceEngine » General Discussions » Black pixels in stars
Black pixels in stars
PhilDate: Sunday, 27.05.2012, 16:54 | Message # 1
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United Kingdom
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Anyone else getting black pixels in stars in v0.951?
Also, blue main sequence stars seem to flicker in an unrealistic way from a distance (Eg. 7pc) when you're rotating.

Is this everyone, or just me and my graphic card?
HardtsDate: Sunday, 27.05.2012, 20:53 | Message # 2
Space Pilot
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Could be a number of things.

Do you have lens flares set on "super"?
Lens flares on 'super' setting makes stars flicker for me.

Another way a star can flicker, is if you zoom in excessively. Then you get to a point where SE changes the rendermodel, and here' be' flickering.

Try messing with the settings - ie. magnitude etc.

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HarbingerDawnDate: Monday, 28.05.2012, 01:42 | Message # 3
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I also heard that it could be related to motion blur. Try changing your motion blur settings and restarting the program.

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Forum » SpaceEngine » General Discussions » Black pixels in stars
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