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Forum » SpaceEngine » General Discussions » Transparent water?
Transparent water?
KvikiDate: Sunday, 27.05.2012, 13:22 | Message # 1
Group: SE team
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Was it not supposed to be in 0.96 version? Here you can see the terrain which is underwater. But in SE it seems this is missing, its always a dark blue.

Or will this be fixed when 3D waves are added to SE?

PhilDate: Sunday, 27.05.2012, 16:25 | Message # 2
Space Tourist
Group: Users
United Kingdom
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I've seen it on one planet recently.
Perhaps you need to change to LOD 1 or 2 before it is rendered?
RobbieDate: Monday, 28.05.2012, 08:54 | Message # 3
Group: Global Moderators
United Kingdom
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Kviki, the 3d water effect (see graphics settings - ctrl+f4) has to be enabled to see the 'transparency' effect. If the water effect is set to '2D' then it will be dark blue with no transparency.

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SpaceEngineerDate: Monday, 28.05.2012, 14:35 | Message # 4
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If you mean shallow/deep water color - this was in previous versions, when water surface was just part of landscape, but this was removed in 0.95 when I added a water layer. This "3D" water is just a placeholder for future developement. Once water shader has been completed, all coloring effects will be back.


StopubDate: Sunday, 17.02.2013, 05:07 | Message # 5
Group: Newbies
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good new !
Forum » SpaceEngine » General Discussions » Transparent water?
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