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Forum » SpaceEngine » General Discussions » Looking for a gas giant rendering engine...
Looking for a gas giant rendering engine...
TechnicalBenDate: Sunday, 13.05.2012, 14:31 | Message # 1
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United Kingdom
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I really like Space Engine. It's got some wonderful images and artwork. The fact it's based on real data and information makes it even more interesting.

However, I'm looking for an engine or reference image for what a gas giant looks like when viewed from inside it's atmosphere. If I could find an engine I can adjust the gases, sizes and colours to it will help. Space Engine will work for views from space (once I figure out how to mod it wink ). But I still need something to render images from inside the planet. At least until Space Engine advances to do that it's self.

Thanks if you can help.
apenpaapDate: Sunday, 13.05.2012, 20:05 | Message # 2
World Builder
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Well, I think below a certain, not very deep, depth, it's just pure blackness, like in the depths of Earth's oceans, but far blacker. In the topmost layers of the atmosphere, though, it would probably be rather colourful. I think the sky would look like a heavily clouded Earth sky, but with the clouds in bizarre colours, and probably stretched. Lower layers might look surface-like from a distance. There are probably layers in which all you could see would be a very thick haze of a single colour. I don't think too much of this is known, and I don't know of any program that renders images like these. Though SpaceEngine seems at least somewhat accurate in my mind for the very highest layers.

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KvikiDate: Monday, 14.05.2012, 15:10 | Message # 3
Group: SE team
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I don't think there is such a thing yet because there's nothing special to see on em. Clouds of gases swirl around at high speeds because of the wind and the deeper you go the darker/denser it gets. For now textures are used because there is no 3D cloud simulation in SE yet. You could visualize it like this http://img.photobucket.com/albums....ate.jpg

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Forum » SpaceEngine » General Discussions » Looking for a gas giant rendering engine...
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