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Planet question
AeroWolfDate: Monday, 28.12.2015, 13:09 | Message # 1
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United Kingdom
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Is it possible for a terra/oceana that are about 200 atmosphere thick to have life on them???????

Also how hot does a planet have to get for life to no longer exist?

Can rogue planets have life?

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AlekDate: Monday, 28.12.2015, 15:54 | Message # 2
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United States
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1. Maybe. There's life in our deepest oceans where the pressure is similar and they survive fine, so theres a good chance even a planet with a superthick atmosphere could support some type of life.

2. If you mean in SE, I'm not sure, but irl life has a hard time above 170 degrees Fahrenheit, though there are extremophiles that live in boiling water, so really I'm not sure if there's a true "upper limit" besides the melting point of Carbon.

3. Irl they technically could with the right conditions, but there would be no plants because there wouldn't be enough light for photosynthesis, so ecosystems work work very differently. Though in SE these haven't been implemented yet so they can't have life yet x-P

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Forum » SpaceEngine » General Discussions » Planet question
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