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Hello - From New Members
anonymousgamerDate: Saturday, 29.03.2014, 02:35 | Message # 91
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laiod, welcome to the forums!

If the lag is happening when generating terrain or stars, that's normal.

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ExognosisDate: Saturday, 29.03.2014, 03:33 | Message # 92
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I forgot to say hello. smile


http://exognosis.tumblr.com - Space travel logs by Captain Mirowe aboard the S. E. Exognosis.
SCDate: Saturday, 19.04.2014, 02:40 | Message # 93
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Hello. Totally new here and wanted to say hi. Also have a couple of questions: I am worried about downloading SE from Mirror sites because they always have vaporware and all sorts of crap. Is there a safe place to download Space Engine and only Space Engine?

Also I am a supporter of Star Ciitzen and I think Space Engine looks promising for gaming. I noticed it has a Steam Greenlight so wondering how serious SE is in starting a real space-sim game? If it is count me in!!!
miroDate: Saturday, 19.04.2014, 13:47 | Message # 94
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United Kingdom
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Hi All

Just wanted to say hello to everyone and BIG Thanks to SpaceEngineer for this truly amazing and breakthrough piece of art he gave us to play with. Thanks again

ps: will seed the off addons for at least a year on a 50mbps but for some reasons earth and mars keeps disconnecting from the swarm. not sure whether its the magnet or me
HarbingerDawnDate: Saturday, 19.04.2014, 16:57 | Message # 95
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Welcome to the forum miro. Thanks for offering to seed everything.

There is already a thread here for saying hello, which was stickied at the top of the section you posted in so you should have seen it. Please read the forum rules concerning where to post things.

All forum users, please read this!
My SE mods and addons
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egwillfriedelDate: Monday, 21.04.2014, 02:27 | Message # 96
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Hello! just joined the forums! I have done lots of reading and have realized this game is heading towards what I have always dreamed a game should be! Looking forward to supporting Space Engineer!
schwarzwolfDate: Sunday, 27.04.2014, 21:54 | Message # 97
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Hi, to all.

I actually thought i register here aswell. Have seen Space Engine for some time already, but haven't tested it since longer.
Now i tought, give it another try and i actually think, the spaceships are very nice already.
And the procedural generation of the program is the best i ever saw. So great work. biggrin

I aswell want to give some feedback for the planed features:

Use Newtonian physics for interplanetary flights - computing orbits, acceleration/deceleration burns, landing on planets and taking off, docking with mothership or space station. All can be done using autopilot or manual controls.

I actually tought aswell sometimes about possible realistic space engines.
In the system i worked out to think out my own engine universe, i have:

Plasma Ionengines (accelerating plasma with electromagnetic fields from the fusion reactors)
Ther we have:
maneuvering thrusters: Small thrusters all over the ship, giving them 1g max acceleration in all direction and the ability to turn the ship around.
main thrusters: They can be at the front or the rear of the ship and they give around 10g.
Atmospheric mode: Working with ionizing air and accelerating it. So no large plasma waves burning everything in sight.
This could be used to balance things aswell to give a ship not a as fast ascending speed, when the engine is not as effective in atmospheres as in space.
Hover thrust: Some ships could be able to turn the engines down. As example like in Prometheus, etc. Or could as example the forward retro engines down and the main engines aswell down, to have full thrust to start from a planet. Or of course seperate hover engines would be possible aswell and aswell wings for smaller ships.

antimatter engine: This is the main acceleration engine and is powered by a antimatter reactor. Creates 100g and there is only one at the rear of the ship. So for larger acceleration, the ship has to turn around for retroburn. Because its powered by the antimatter engine, it shoudn't be used near planets, and is more a interplanetary drive system.

warp engine: If called alcubierre drive, warp drive, etc. It could work with some laser systems (possible strong electron lasers) powered by antimatter. Aswell not usable near planets, because of the strong power. Near planets the field should collapse (destroying whole planets with it, woudn't be the best game mechanic. wink )
Read aswell, that the effect would drag a ship.

This engine power could variate by different technical advances, but i set it low, because todays ion engines are giving a very slow acceleration. With such engines, the ship could burn longer (over month), but not with to much g.
Yes, we would have some 100g acceleration aswell with the antimatter. For such a thing i have aswell seached for a way and found the Higgs-meachnism:
In the Standard Model, the three weak bosons gain mass through the Higgs mechanism by interacting with the Higgs field that permeates all space. Normally bosons are massless, but the W+, W-, and Z bosons have values around 80 GeV/c2. In gauge theory, the Higgs field induces a spontaneous symmetry breaking, where instead of the usual transverse Nambu–Goldstone boson, the longitudinal Higgs boson appears
Possible a negative higgs field could reduce the mass or manipulate it, that all objects in the field are bound in some way to negate the inship accerlation effect. Ok, i am not a physican, but it was i way i tried to work out to get a solution for a non gravimetic engine with a acceptable acceleration. wink

Artificial Gravity: Rotation modules would be possible. I think it would be aswell possible to create gravitation with electrogravitation by using strong electromagnetic fields.
I took the Higgs-field as some kind of inertial dampers for some technology without artificial gravity.
inertial dampers could aswell base on electrogravity by some more advanced ships, but this ships would most likely have full internal artificial gravity.

For my thinking, i split it in low/med/high tech:
low tech is only using (anti) higgs-fields for the acceleration and fusion and antimatter engines. Artificial gravity only for warp jumps. This ships are sluggish and burning around only with pure engine power.
med tech is similar to low tech, but is using artificial gravity aswell inside the ship as inertial dampers and internal gravity. They are faster and more maneuverable of course, because they can use the gravimetric fields aswell to reduce the mass and to help for maneuver. Similar to Star Trek, Star Wars, etc. they could aswell be able to hover over planets with anti-gravity. They are a mid thing between low and high tech. They have electrogravimetric technology, but not the control over it to use it as only engine form.
high tech would only be with gravimetric technology and using them to accelerate. There are no visible engines and the abilities are endless. Such ships could possible accelerate in seconds to speeds near light. For such a thing i most time use some zero point technology, where they get their power directly out of space. So endless power. wink

Fight with other players with realistic physically-based mechanics. No slow car-like speeds, antigravity and force shields, only Newtonian physics on real space scales. Huge space velocities (tens of kilometers per second) and crushing acceleration (tens of "gees"), fire distance of thousands of kilometers. Automatic unmanned combat ships equipped with kinetic weapons, x-ray lasers, and antimatter bullets. Indirect strategy-like control of the fleet, with ability to take direct control of any unit and pilot it manually in first-person or third-person mode.

Plasma weapons: Plasma weapons could be possible, if the plasma is accelerated fast enough. It would be something like ion canons mentioned somewhere, but would only work on close distance and not inside atmospheres.

Shields might be possible with electromagnetic fields and plasma (possible cold plasma). But they are not shields like we know in the movie. So no impenetrable forcefields.
1. Plasma window: Like in many sci-fi hangars, emergency fields, plasma can be used to contain air.
2. Plasma shields: With electromagnetic plasmafields, it would work. Such fields would have their boundaries.
They could detonate rockets and possible some slower explosive shells from kinetic weapons and aswell plasma bullets.
They won't be effective against lasers and fast strong projectiles like titan fullcore shells.

So to add some defences, it would need a strong titan structure, then a layer of some light reactive material to scatter the light and finally some graphene layer because of the resistance of the material.

So we could have shields and i would say it would be a nice technology. But there is aswell the disadvance, that you would have problems to maneuver (because of the strong electromagnetic field) and you can't fire rockets, explosiv shells, etc. because the field woudn't let your on weapons trough aswell. Could be of course a nice element if you need to lower the shields for maneuver and for firing.
Oh, of course, the sensors would be jammed aswell.

For the defence against space radiation, there could be some shield in the hull like boron and cadmium who works for normal radiation and if a strong erruption or something happend and a very strong radiation wave is comming, the ship has to raise the shields. Here some nice article aswell over radiation:

Otherwise the features read very nice. But i actually hope, that we can easily deactivate possible enemy aliens in the single player mode on the fly. Could be nice from time to time, but for such a great and large sandbox game, i would be happier to have the control over something like this and an editor to spawn aswell hostile ships to test things. ^^

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SilverVisageDate: Wednesday, 07.05.2014, 11:01 | Message # 98
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Hello there,
I would also like to greet fellow space explorers, since I'm new here. So hello!
BeyondBirthdayDate: Sunday, 01.06.2014, 05:51 | Message # 99
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Hello everyone, I'm from Finland! I've been studying astronomy as a hobby for years. Ever since I started it, I wished that there would be a simulator/game like this.
And I honestly couldn't believe my eyes when I first found Space Engine, I thought that "Can something like this really exists?". I was stunned, and impressed.
I spend most of my savings just to get a PC that could run this thing, as smooth as possible.

And the other information. I'm 23 years old, and I enjoy Music, Astronomy, Anime/Manga, Eroge, and MLP:FiM. I started playing in a band last autumn.
And in fact my first real gig was tonight. I'm studying to become a masseuse. Anyway, I'm sure that being part of this community is worthwhile!
lupusDate: Thursday, 05.06.2014, 20:35 | Message # 100
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Hello here. My name is Peter, I'm a 21 years old Biotechnology student from Poland. I've been a stargazer since my early childhood, grew up on sci-fi both high and low (from Stanislaw Lem's essays to Star Wars). When NASA started to announce exoplanet discoveries I was like "whoa...". I used to extensively use Celestia, and when I heard about the SE, it literally blew my mind. This is the perfect program I need in my life. Thanks for creating this piece of beauty for nerds like us.

I'm a technical university student now, in my free time also a musician (8 years of experience) and a little visual artist. Space journeys have always inspired me in creating music.
Billy_MayesDate: Thursday, 05.06.2014, 21:40 | Message # 101
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lupus, What kind of music do you make? Welcome to the forum, hope you have fun!

BeyondBirthday, welcome to the forum, I'm from Finland too. happy

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lupusDate: Thursday, 05.06.2014, 21:57 | Message # 102
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Quote lupus ()
lupus, What kind of music do you make? Welcome to the forum, hope you have fun!

Thanks! I play mainly some modern metal stuff (https://soundcloud.com/bluelupus/), but I also have an ambient project. You can look it up here: http://ulfheobar.bandcamp.com/ or just punch in a sample uploaded on YT: From Pine Forests to Endless Starscapes
I also play in a post metal band as a guitarist, vocalist and main composer, we joke constantly that guitar parts having too much reverb and delay are called "outer space thingies" biggrin
SeshinsDate: Friday, 20.06.2014, 08:32 | Message # 103
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New Zealand
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Hey guys,

Been a long time fan/User of SE , also check the forum on a regular basis for dev status and to see what the community is upto. Ive been intrigued and drawn to the cosmos and sciences surrounding it since i was very young, however i have no formal qualifications in any field.

Live in NZ - so we get some pretty good night skys and low light pollution for stargazing and contemplation. Really look forward to this project progressing further, i hope there is a time when the Dev/s? feel the time is right to push the game further out into the mainstream.

One question - is there any indications when the steam will be released on steam? I believe even in its current state, its leages ahead of some alpha games that seem to do quite well, so could provide necessary funds for the Dev to develop this into what he wants.

Zaddy23Date: Wednesday, 25.06.2014, 23:56 | Message # 104
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G'hey evereybody biggrin (check my profile if you want info, and yes, I know I'm only 14... so wut tongue )

Along with fezes and bowties, brown dwarves are cool.

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impr0mptuDate: Wednesday, 09.07.2014, 00:40 | Message # 105
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Hey Guys!

My name's chris, im 23 and astronomy has been my favourite hobby for countless years.

I just want to throw a big thank you to SpaceEngineer and everyone else involved in this amazing program. I only recently discovered space engine and couldnt believe that I hadn't discovered it sooner! Considering its capabilities I'm very thankful my laptop is handling it well so far :P

Can definately see myself spending a lot of time here biggrin
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