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Asteroids with life
TalismanDate: Friday, 28.10.2011, 08:01 | Message # 1
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Could these be possible? If so that would be neat to add in as a rare type of asteroid, with exotic colors.

What do you guys think?

SpicaDate: Friday, 28.10.2011, 11:49 | Message # 2
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Hello Talisman,

I don't think asteroids could have life. They don't have an atmosphere and a magnetic field, so possible lifeforms would be exposed to ultraviolet- and comsic-gamma-radiation. Because of this fact, not even bacteria can live on asteroids.
Maybe organic molecules can exist on asteroids or comets, so they can bring life to other planets. These asteroids with oragnic molecules could be marked in SE.
All in all I don't think life (bacteria) is possible on asteroids.



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SpaceEngineerDate: Friday, 28.10.2011, 13:46 | Message # 3
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According to panspermia theory, asteroids and comets can bring life to our planet (and any other Terra in Universe smile ). The life in bacteria form exists in anabiosis state, like spores, then wakes up when conditions become right. These asteroids have origin from some Terra planets that already have life. Powerful volcanic explosion or asteroid impact can eject debris in space, where they go to interstellar traveling. We've found some Martian meteorites on Earth - so it is possible. Earth bacteria can fly to the Moon and return to Earth again,where they wake up - So anabiosis is possible too.


Forum » SpaceEngine » General Discussions » Asteroids with life
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