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AelelDate: Saturday, 04.01.2014, 20:23 | Message # 1
Group: Newbies
United Kingdom
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Hey new here just wondering if there is any way to search for planets and moons by code? eg RSC 8403-1653-2-51-71 2.3

I have been looking all day.... thanks

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VoekoevakaDate: Saturday, 04.01.2014, 20:40 | Message # 2
World Builder
Group: SE team
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There are two ways :

-Typing the RS code into the search window. If the object exist according to your uiverse version (the seed you set, the mods you installed), it will be selected.

-Creating a location for it.

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apenpaapDate: Saturday, 04.01.2014, 23:08 | Message # 3
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Yes. If you type in a planet's name in the F3 search window, it selects that planet. This also works for procedural planets.

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Forum » SpaceEngine » General Discussions » Searching...Planets?
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