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Wikipedia articles about SpaceEngine
HarbingerDawnDate: Sunday, 23.03.2014, 23:37 | Message # 61
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Quote midtskogen ()
In the limitation section I think it should be mentioned that though there is no Linux port, SE is reported to run just fine on x86 based hardware through Wine.

It does say specifically that it doesn't run natively, not that it doesn't run at all. I'm not sure that mentioning Wine is even necessary. If a Linux user wants to use SE, then presumably Wine will be the first thing they go to. I don't see it fitting in well with the article. But, it is a wiki, so if you or anyone else has something they would like to add and think works well, then by all means please contribute.

All forum users, please read this!
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form_d_kDate: Monday, 20.10.2014, 23:27 | Message # 62
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This page is a candidate for deletion. It needs more references, as it's not 'notable' enough (whatever that subjectively means). I updated the article to include a link to the io9.com post about it; are there any other references you guys know of?

I wanted to link to the Steam Greenlight page, but I'm not sure where that belongs in the article.
stewartIMDate: Tuesday, 17.01.2017, 22:37 | Message # 63
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SpaceEngineer, I recently made some updates to the Wikipedia page; however, the article is currently lacking any images due to copyright protection. Would it be possible to release some images with Creative Commons licensing so that they could be posted to Wikipedia?
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