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Forum » SpaceEngine » General Discussions » Bioluminescence?
BaleurDate: Sunday, 21.10.2012, 04:26 | Message # 1
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Is there a chance that we'll see this sort of thing on a fraction of the planets with life in the future?
I've been very impressed with one specific thing while playing the otherwise awfully incomplete and buggy game Legends of Pegasus..

One of the races, an aquatic species, slowly terraforms the planets into ocean worlds with a bioluminescent glow on the night side, essentially somewhat equalizing the day and night side. It looks absolutely incredible, and would be a huge surprise to find in Space Engine as a sort of "super-rare" type of life planet. (obviously more toned down and sparse than in this example)

To be honest this ties in with city lights as well.. I also with there was another super-rare form of life planet, which actually had some signs of civilization, even if it was only in the form of city lights on the night side (or on the day side as well, if orbiting a dim star and real planet brightness is turned on).

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anonymousgamerDate: Sunday, 21.10.2012, 04:48 | Message # 2
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Quote (Baleur)
even if it was only in the form of city lights on the night side

Check the To-Do list, you'll have some suprises

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DoctorOfSpaceDate: Sunday, 21.10.2012, 18:22 | Message # 3
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Quote (anonymousgamer)
Check the To-Do list, you'll have some suprises

Thats true but this idea seems to be some sort of combination between night lights, real time terra forming, intelligent life, and advanced civilizations.

Would really cool to find something like this.

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QuontexDate: Monday, 29.10.2012, 03:56 | Message # 4
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Tbh, even just glowing life in about 5% of life planets or something would be cool. It would add more exploration with planets becuse exploring has kinda died for me atm.

On that note, even if a planet siad "Temperate Terra With Int. Life" would be cool.

Forum » SpaceEngine » General Discussions » Bioluminescence?
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