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Forum » SpaceEngine » General Discussions » HUD display - on off switch
HUD display - on off switch
SteveHeadshotMastaDate: Saturday, 13.10.2012, 06:06 | Message # 1
Group: Newbies
United States
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I have been playing Space Engine for a while after watching Kurtjmac (go check him out on Youtube) and I want to start taking videos and photos, how does one remove all HUD so that one can take a professional picture or video?

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HarbingerDawnDate: Saturday, 13.10.2012, 06:12 | Message # 2
Cosmic Curator
Group: Administrators
United States
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Hello SteveHeadshotMasta, and welcome to the forum. Please take a moment to read the forum rules.

The answers to all your questions are in the readme file in your SpaceEngine installation.

All forum users, please read this!
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AerospacefagDate: Saturday, 13.10.2012, 15:57 | Message # 3
Group: Users
Russian Federation
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Actually it's Ctrl+` but take care to RTFM.
RobbieDate: Saturday, 13.10.2012, 19:51 | Message # 4
Group: Global Moderators
United Kingdom
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Aerospacefag, please be more polite to newcomers at this forum.

SteveHeadshotMasta, can you please rename your post title to something more relevant to the topic. "Noob question" shall not suffice.

UPDATE: topic title changed by moderator.

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Forum » SpaceEngine » General Discussions » HUD display - on off switch
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