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Forum » SpaceEngine » Space Journeys » Circumbinary planet with life?
Circumbinary planet with life?
GoogolplexbyteDate: Sunday, 29.07.2012, 02:49 | Message # 1
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Do they exist? All the ones I've come across are much too distant and frigid to bear life, but then again I don't think I've come across many binary stars that were very close together. I reckon you'd pretty much need a contact binary to get a circumbinary orbit that was small enough to actually have a planet hot enough for liquid water. Anyone found one?
HarbingerDawnDate: Sunday, 29.07.2012, 03:15 | Message # 2
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The stars would not have to be contact binaries, provided that they were luminous enough. A very bright blue and red giant binary could be able to support a planet with life over 1000 AU away, and they don't have to be very close to each other.

Of course, a planet in such a system would not have enough time to develop life, but I still see it as possible. Take the case of Kepler-16 b. Replace each of the suns with stars similar to Sol and you have a system that could support a life-bearing, circumbinary world.

But such worlds would likely be pretty rare in SpaceEngine and therefore somewhat difficult to find.

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Donatelo200Date: Sunday, 29.07.2012, 03:30 | Message # 3
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I have found one and its orbiting a gas giant too. smile It orbits a G and M star and they orbit pretty far apart. The moons temp will rise and fall significantly as the stars orbit each other.... Staying withing comfortable limits though. (280k to 290k is the typical range)

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Forum » SpaceEngine » Space Journeys » Circumbinary planet with life?
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