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What's happening here?
NeonDate: Wednesday, 15.06.2011, 22:27 | Message # 1
Group: SE team
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This is a real SE image, untampered, as you can see from the seam showing.

What do you make of it? Can you explain the different structures?
Not hard really. smile

Be interesting to hear what sort of mythologies would be formed
around this sort of night sky on a world like this.

Interesting spot though, warm terra with life, and orbiting it
a cool terra with life.

Log entry:- add to bottom of ur journal.cfg

Body "RS 8405-28-8-9587006-1334 A4.1"
Parent ""
DateUniv "1123487.12.23 06:31:56.06"
DateSys "2011.06.15 20:51:50.21"
Descr "Moon Cool terra"
SpaceEngineerDate: Thursday, 16.06.2011, 09:21 | Message # 2
Author of Space Engine
Group: Administrators
Russian Federation
Messages: 4800
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This is The Great Cosmic Bug that consumes galaxies biggrin But I do not see it on my system.
Nice place you found there BTW


NeonDate: Thursday, 16.06.2011, 22:26 | Message # 3
Group: SE team
Messages: 208
Status: Offline
Ahhh, well there's a trick... thought you might twig (slang for work out) what
that is by the colours. wink 2nd clue was "on a world like this" wink
NeonDate: Friday, 17.06.2011, 15:35 | Message # 4
Group: SE team
Messages: 208
Status: Offline
Well since no one got it. lol

If you land on the surface at a particular place, after sunset, you
see this as your night sky. What you are looking at is
a ringed warm comfort terra with life. So the right structure
is the rings of the planet. The other structure is the galactic
equatorial of Large Cloud of Magellan. smile

One of the biggest surprises I've had so far, and some of the
best surprises are the night sky vistas.
muhsanjeeDate: Wednesday, 07.01.2015, 08:36 | Message # 5
Group: Newbies
Messages: 1
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Something curious about that planet, is there's a 5 floating just
off the edge of the planet [spam link removed]
At first I thought it marked a South pole,
but it doesn't since it moves as I rotate around. Not seen this before.

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TemperateTerraIsBestDate: Saturday, 14.02.2015, 23:28 | Message # 6
Space Tourist
Group: Users
United States
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I had this in the last version, seeing huge cubes of thousands of stars, pleasant to the eye. Is this a bug?

Sample Text

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Forum » SpaceEngine » Space Journeys » What's happening here?
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