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Try returning to Earth manually!
SalvoDate: Friday, 10.05.2013, 20:09 | Message # 46
Star Engineer
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Quote (Russell)
Hey guys! Nice forum you have here!
That was really exciting.

The universe is not required to be in perfect harmony with human ambition.

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(still don't know why everyone is doing this...)
PlanetExplorer12Date: Friday, 10.05.2013, 20:15 | Message # 47
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"Take me back to Earth."
Computer: "There is 48 thousand known Earths."
"oh no..... The first one, i guess?"

Jupiter is Awesome!
RussellDate: Friday, 10.05.2013, 21:30 | Message # 48
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So, now I REALLY love Deneb. It's like a lighthouse on a way to home.
Would be very useful when I become a supernatural human being and got lost in space, lol.
VoekoevakaDate: Thursday, 02.01.2014, 15:12 | Message # 49
World Builder
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I have a new method to find the sun, without passing by any star. My first step is to follow a line from the two arms of the center of the milky way, and it will lead me near carina nebula. Then, I search for horsehead and orion nebula, I find Alnitak/Alnilam/Mintaka, and I try to make a line of it. When I start to see the global shape of orion constellation, I move to have the pleiades too. Here I see two broght stars : it is Sirius and Procyon. Near it, there is the Sun and Toliman, I choose the less bright.

Funny fact, I have installed HST addon from HarbingerDawn's releases, and when I select the sun from far, it select HST.

Edit :

And now, I succeed to find the milky way, starting from a corner of the cube-universe.

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Fireinthehole-Date: Thursday, 02.01.2014, 16:27 | Message # 50
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I usually look for the Pleiades and the nebulous around Antares and Rho Ophiuci. Orion is a good constellation that one recongises from a huge distance. When you find Orion and the Pleiades, find the Hyades and try to match Aldebaran in it. Then the Sun should be around a few lightyears away.

I was able to find my way home from the middle of the Andromeda galaxy wink

Love Space Engine!
VoekoevakaDate: Thursday, 02.01.2014, 16:33 | Message # 51
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Quote Fireinthehole ()
I was able to find my way home from the middle of the Andromeda galaxy

It easy to find the Milky Way from the andromeda galaxy. Try to find it from M87 for example.

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Tangle10Date: Saturday, 11.01.2014, 18:58 | Message # 52
Space Pilot
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Haven't tried it yet, but I tried getting back to Earth (with selections) in a shuttle from Proxima 2- Took me 2 decades, as I kept overshooting. When I got very close to Earth orbit, I accidentally pressed the return-to-today's-date button. Very annoying.

Tips for finding Earth-Like planets: Look for F, G, or K Class stars. M class habitables will almost always be tidelocked. Oceanias can, of course, also be habitable, they just have tiny amounts of land.
SpaceEngineerDate: Saturday, 28.11.2015, 22:59 | Message # 53
Author of Space Engine
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Tried this in Oculus Rift. This time it was much more harder! I don't know why, but experience in true 3D is very different!
Also, fixed my awful English in the first post smile 4.5 years of communicating on this forum made my English a bit better smile

apenpaapDate: Sunday, 29.11.2015, 00:03 | Message # 54
World Builder
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I just tried out the method I illustrated way back when in this thread, and it seems to have some issues now: Barkhatova 1 barely stands out any more from Deneb, making finding Rigel much harder, and the Orion nebula has moved much farther away from Earth, making it both a useless step from Rigel, and breaking the step from there to Nihal. From Nihal on, all the steps still work perfectly, though; even the two finger asterisms at Nihal seem to consist entirely of catalog stars, and so weren't broken by new procedural stars. So that means I just need to find new steps to get from Rigel (or Deneb) to Nihal to make my route work again.

UPDATE: Swapping the Orion Nebula and Rigel steps actually works really well. Orion Nebula is quite recognisable from Deneb, and Rigel is very easy to find from the Orion Nebula. So right now my route is:
Deneb-Orion Nebula-Rigel-???-Nihal-Capella-Sirius-Sol

UPDATE2: I've got a complete route again! From Rigel, you can find the fairly bright blue Kappa Leporis (lep) to the upper left of the galactic core. Once arrived there, you look again to the upper left of the galactic core, where you see a very red star. To its upper left is Bellatrix, which is your next destination. At Bellatrix, Nihal is the second from the right of a line of four bright yellowish stars that run in front of the right of the galactic core. So my path is now:
Deneb - Orion Nebula - Rigel - Kappa Leporis - Bellatrix - Nihal - Capella - Sirius - Sol
So it's two steps longer than it used to be. I tried out a path going by Canopus from Rigel as well, which seemed promising, but I couldn't find a good next step from there.

UPDATE3: Not really related to the route itself, but I got curious about the 'diamond'/'pointy finger' asterism I use at Nihal and travelled from Nihal straight to Earth while keeping the camera bound to it using the T button. The finger inverted itself in a rather cool way and turned into Scorpio and a bit of Ara.

I occasionally stream at http://www.twitch.tv/magistermystax. Sometimes SE, sometimes other games.

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