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Forum » SpaceEngine » Space Journeys » Spaceship IDT Wanderer on his exploring journey.
Spaceship IDT Wanderer on his exploring journey.
MannaroThePatientDate: Monday, 06.02.2012, 15:43 | Message # 1
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Exploration, plain and simple. Pick a random star, or check a real one on Wikipedia, and see what we find... Space Engine has trillions of possible fractal/procedural combinations. Sometimes math fail and when happen we can have a "spatial anomaly" or something fun to see.

The spaceship I use for my explorations is named IDT Wanderer, I should draw it with 3DS Max someday.

So, where we can begin?

What we have here? This Planet class Oceania is too hot!
Computer: lets see under the clouds!
...still have liquid water under the clouds... weird, low gravity and pressure cant maintain water in liquid form in such high temperature. Computer: remove the water!
...just the sea bottom.
But i have an explanation: There is an underwater high civilization that need water at very high temperature to survive. So they develop a Quantum Dampen Subspace Rethermogrificator to prevent the water to boil. Also some kind of cloaking device prevent us to detect that civilization. I suggest to leave quickly, maybe they are not so friendly.
Lets warp to...

...this little moon... I wonder how is not melted already. Is very close to the star! The IDT Wanderer is in no danger as is equipped with Metaphasic Shielding can easly sustain the corona furnace of any star.

A Terra with a Terra moon! Two civilization will arise, the first who leave his planet will conquer the other. Or maybe they're more wise and will grow togheter in peace.
Hmmm... sensor shows something unusually big...

This is a... MOON?? IS HUGE!! All the surface is scattered by craters as this body was bombed by meteors for millions and millions of years.
This place is surely dangerous! Lets move at maximum warp.

Something must be wrong with our sensors... that pressure is unbelievable! Computer: run level 1 diagnostic on sensor grid.

Sensors are defective again, this should be a pulsar but they detect a neutron star. Oh well, maybe the upcoming v0.96 firmware of the sensors will fix it. The lens distortion is very beautiful anyway!

A brown dwarf very close to a star. I wonder if there is some exchange of stellar matter. In that case the star can explode any time... make our scan quickly and lets get out of here.

A black planet... maybe we found Giedi Prime? Yes, is full black all around... weird, maybe another sensor malfuncion! As I read this planet is INSIDE the star!

We have more to discover... wonder if I can find more spatial weirdness. I'll find for sure, the space is pretty HUGE out there.

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SpaceEngineerDate: Monday, 06.02.2012, 16:13 | Message # 2
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Nice collection of bugs, it is very helpful for me:)


MannaroThePatientDate: Tuesday, 07.02.2012, 21:02 | Message # 3
Group: Users
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Bugs, Spatial Anomalyes, Deja vu, Matrix Rendering Errors (cit. Animatrix), are the very same things.

By the way i made a little mistake up above, the Pulsars are actually Neutron Stars! So the gravity distortion is correct, there is just to add the "pulse effect".

Lest see what we have here now...

Another Brown Star, very very faint! Her star companion acctually make her phase!

Just an ordinary striped gas giant. Dont know why i want a pie now, or a ice cream...

This was one of my first discoveryes with Space Engine. I love the color combination of this planet.
Ok now something BIG:

I had difficult to get this photo. If I took an image from the surface of the gas giant's moon the only thing you see is a red/yellowish sky. The visual is pretty scare, but you have to be there.

PC: Intel i7 4Ghz, 32GB RAM, nVidia GeForce GTX 980Ti (6GB VRAM), Windows 10 PRO 64.
anonymousgamerDate: Tuesday, 07.02.2012, 23:14 | Message # 4
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Your atm pressure is nothing compared to my post a few weeks ago! biggrin

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Forum » SpaceEngine » Space Journeys » Spaceship IDT Wanderer on his exploring journey.
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