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Forum » SpaceEngine » Space Journeys » Posting Pictures At The Forum (New instructions on how to display images)
Posting Pictures At The Forum
RobbieDate: Saturday, 28.01.2012, 12:56 | Message # 1
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The SE team would advise members that there are several ways to post pictures at the forum:

Method 1: Use the image attachment option at the forum to upload images from your computer to the SE server.

Method 2: Use an Image Hosting Service such as Imageshack or Photobucket to link your images directly to the SE forum.

Method 1 - For Image Attachments:

Click the file attachment button below the message post box area, then choose the file you wish to upload (Maximum size 600Kb). Once it is attached, the server will automatically designate an image name and number for it. This name can be seen adjacent to where the file has been attached. You will see this image name: "$IMAGE1$" - This name should be copied then pasted into your message box. Once this is done, you can post your picture to the forum. If the uploaded image is very large, the server will automatically resize it to fit the width of the forum page. If required, the full-size image can be viewed in a seperate browser window by LEFT-clicking on the post image itself.

Method 2 - For Image Links:

Images can be linked directly from any image hosting service, blog or even your own website. If you do not have an image hosting account, then one of these can be easily created for free. For help on uploading image files and copying links, read the hosting site's online help. Once you have uploaded an image, copy the image (IMG) address link from the host site to your clipboard. In the example below we will use an IMG code address from Photobucket called:


Once copied, paste your link into the message box and post your picture to the forum. The image will be automatically resized to fit the forum page width. If required, the image can still be viewed full-size in a seperate browser window by RIGHT-clicking on the image and selecting "show image in new window."

As an alternative, a post image can be opened to full-size in another browser window by LEFT-clicking it. The code for this is:

[url= http://host.website.address.com][img]http://host.website.address.com[/img][/url]

And the Procedure for this is:

1 - Copy your image URL to the clipboard.
2 - Click the "IMG" button (above the forum message box) and paste the URL into its pop-up window, then press "OK"
3 - Highlight the new code that has appeared in the message box.
4 - Now click the "http://" button and paste the URL again into the pop-up window, then press "OK"
5 - Post image to forum

NOTE: If your FREE Image Hosting Service does not support full-size image display at this site, then it is better to use method 1 above.

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Forum » SpaceEngine » Space Journeys » Posting Pictures At The Forum (New instructions on how to display images)
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