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Forum » SpaceEngine » Space Journeys » Two planets collide and pass through each other
Two planets collide and pass through each other
SpaceManDate: Saturday, 29.12.2012, 09:29 | Message # 16
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United States
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Oh i found another pair of colliding planets in 9.6.2.

Just a little parody I did. I doubt that suns remaining life time is correct but here it is.

The reason why I added collision fx, is because the gas giant is not the brightest of the bunch of planets in that solar system, so in his eyes he thinks he will crack like an egg. The brown planet, well I think we can all see what he is all about. As for the star, he is just chill-en.

Credit goes too Donatelo200 for finding these planets.

"The sky calls to us, If we do not destroy our self's. We will one day, venture to the stars" - Carl Sagan

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Tank7Date: Thursday, 08.08.2013, 04:56 | Message # 17
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This sort of thing would be legitemate in a very young solar system I think. It would be neat to see some solar systems just forming, proto-disk, proto-star type stuff in future versions. Probably in star forming regions of nebulas.
Gondor2222Date: Saturday, 17.08.2013, 11:35 | Message # 18
Space Pilot
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SE apparently procedurally bifurcated a large catalog star, leading to a similar graphical and scientific error but with two stars instead of two planets.

The star system is HIP 48540
The primary (a red dwarf with 4 solar masses? I'm confused.) has a radius of 0.303 AU, which is enough to completely swallow its companion white dwarf star for about 4% of its orbit.

Attachments: 1950762.jpg(92Kb)

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Forum » SpaceEngine » Space Journeys » Two planets collide and pass through each other
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