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Planetary ice ring and a two tone planet
EleSigmaDate: Tuesday, 13.12.2011, 06:14 | Message # 1
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So I was exploring what I like to call my "home" system which orbits n orange dwarf. This is the second body, a Calid Selena Dwarf Planet tidally locked with the sun. Though the interesting thing I find with it is what appears to be what looks like a layer of ice that encircles the planet near the twilight zone.

While looking at this I turned up the planet lighting level a little and found that the dark side of the planet has a completely different surface than the light side.

It's almost as if there are two planets in one.

Now for some surface pictures biggrin :
-The Light side of the planet. I wish I had moved in closer but I didn't for some reason. The surface looks like it's covered in a layer of sand colored dust as well as some darker minerals. On the wall of the nearest crater to the right some of the bedrock looks like it's been exposed showing that the rock under the dust layer is a moderately grey shade in color.

-The icy (or what I assume is ice) covering near the twilight region. The craters look softer than on the other parts of the planet here.

-Sitting on the top of a crater wall in the icy twilight area.

-The dark side. I didn't have the lighting maxed out since when I took this shot I was still trying to see if there was anything interesting on the dark side. I mainly took it because of the galaxy in the night sky. The star this planet orbits is part of a star cluster that is a little out in the intergalactic void as you can see tongue

-Planet lighting now at max, the Dark side is covered in light and dark grey dust. It looks very plain from a distance. Though it might just be me but does it look like it has a hint of orange to it?

-On closer inspection it looks like the dust layer that covers the dark side is not as thick as the light side since the craters seem to leave more exposed rock.

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FiahOwlDate: Saturday, 17.12.2011, 22:31 | Message # 2
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I'm... Speechless biggrin the third to last picture took my breath away.

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