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Forum » SpaceEngine » Space Journeys » Space Engine with Sweet FX (Simple way of optizing colors and so on)
Space Engine with Sweet FX
meegjaDate: Sunday, 29.05.2016, 07:20 | Message # 1
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(This below is used with SE, don't know if it works on previous versions).
There is the thread here to use Space Engine with ReShade. A lot of possibilities but the use of the "Mediator" is confusing to say the least.
For those who only want to alter color, contrast, FXAA and some more but no DOF and things like that: there is a way easier way to do it.

  • Head over to the download section on http://sfx.thelazy.net and download the download on top (SweetFX 2.0 (Preview 8 | ReShade 1.1.0) SweetFX 2.0 (Preview 8) by CeeJay.dk | ReShade 1.10.0 by Crosire).
  • Run "ReShade Setup" and point towards the SE Executable. And that's it.
  • Now in Windows Explorer, go over to C:\SpaceEngine\SpaceEngine 0.974\system\SweetFX (or wherever you installed it) and open "SweetFX_settings.txt" with any text editor.
  • In there it is very easy to alter things. In the top part all the things then can be altered are mentioned. If there is a zero (0) behind it, it is Off. When there is a one (1) then it is on.
    Below that, there are the parts to tweak the settings. For example, if you did set Vibrance to On (1), then in the part below you can specify with values how much the Vibrance must be.
  • In-game you can toggle the effects Off and On by using the Scroll-Lock keyboard button.

I made an video with this, see http://en.spaceengine.org/forum/10-1357-64837-16-1464504594
For those interested, I did attach the SweetFX_settings.txt used in that video to this posting.

Have fun smile

Attachments: SweetFX_setting.txt(29.0 Kb)

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Forum » SpaceEngine » Space Journeys » Space Engine with Sweet FX (Simple way of optizing colors and so on)
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