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Forum » SpaceEngine » Space Journeys » Beatifull looking Terra and Moon. Ridis and Lepa.
Beatifull looking Terra and Moon. Ridis and Lepa.
Klemen702Date: Sunday, 14.06.2015, 09:36 | Message # 1
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Hello. I was messing around with space engine 0972. And i found this beautiful planet i wanted to share. I named the planet Ridis (old name i made up, don't remember where i got it from but it's not in my language) and the moon Lepa (means beautiful in my language). Ridis can be called, in a sense a bit ''weaker'' than earth. Aswell as double the days a year and days being 4 times longer. Lepa's rotation period is the same as the one Ridis has aswell as the axial tilt. With Lepa having very weak gravity. Ridis has marine life, one of the gas giants in the system also has life. Coordiantes: RS 8409-914-5-27796-269


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BambusmanDate: Sunday, 14.06.2015, 11:18 | Message # 2
Group: SE team
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Klemen702, there is already a thread where you can post your favorite terra: http://en.spaceengine.org/forum/10-212-1
apenpaapDate: Sunday, 14.06.2015, 14:31 | Message # 3
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Very pretty planet! Other than the day length, it seems very inhabitable to humans as well.

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quarior14Date: Sunday, 14.06.2015, 18:23 | Message # 4
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In, the satellite has no atmosphere, it is a selena. If the world remains unchanged.

Forum » SpaceEngine » Space Journeys » Beatifull looking Terra and Moon. Ridis and Lepa.
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