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Forum » SpaceEngine » Space Journeys » Is this a Glitch?
Is this a Glitch?
JonahrfDate: Saturday, 28.12.2013, 16:53 | Message # 1
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Billy_MayesDate: Saturday, 28.12.2013, 17:08 | Message # 2
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No. The planet just appears to have a large icecap.

You should report bugs here.

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apenpaapDate: Saturday, 28.12.2013, 17:17 | Message # 3
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Tide-locked worlds almost always have a huge icecap on the side facing away from the sun; in this case the brown dwarf. The reason it looks odd is that the brown dwarf gives it a lot of heat, but mainly in infrared, while the yellow sun gives off most of the visible light, but is apparently not hot enough to melt the ice.

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HarbingerDawnDate: Saturday, 28.12.2013, 17:52 | Message # 4
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Jonahrf, do not double post.

And no, it's not a glitch.

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Forum » SpaceEngine » Space Journeys » Is this a Glitch?
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