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Forum RPG : age of civilizations
Ignuus66Date: Wednesday, 26.06.2013, 22:12 | Message # 46
Space Tourist
Group: Users
Messages: 28
Status: Offline
I'd happily take part too, but the question I have is that is there any set civilization Template which we base ours around (civilization age, personality, appearance, ect...)
MeMeTheMutantDate: Thursday, 27.06.2013, 06:14 | Message # 47
Group: Newbies
United States
Messages: 1
Status: Offline
I'm definintly gonna join
ForSvedenDate: Thursday, 27.06.2013, 22:32 | Message # 48
Group: Newbies
Messages: 3
Status: Offline
done soon? i can't wait!
VoekoevakaDate: Thursday, 27.06.2013, 23:33 | Message # 49
World Builder
Group: SE team
Messages: 1016
Status: Offline
I'm having problems with my computer, so I lost a lot of time. But I'll not cancel, I'll just postpone.

I think there's enough players in the game now, and I've got a lot of systems to create, so inscriptions are closed. I'll organize an RPG II after this one, unless anybody wants to try to make his own RPG.

Want some music of mine ? Please go here !

kairunotabiDate: Saturday, 06.07.2013, 00:25 | Message # 50
Group: Users
Messages: 70
Status: Offline
May I suggest the use of Terraformer for some reason. It can be used to determine and status of a planet even before and during the game whether the player would like to colonize a habitable planet or check, terraform, and/or develop his/her technologies through this program and apply it to the RP

DeathStarDate: Friday, 27.12.2013, 14:23 | Message # 51
Group: Users
Messages: 515
Status: Offline
Did we forget about this? Will this RP still actually take place?
Forum » SpaceEngine » Space Journeys » Forum RPG : age of civilizations