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Forum » SpaceEngine » Space Journeys » Notes about Challenges (Read this before making a Challenge thread)
Notes about Challenges
HarbingerDawnDate: Monday, 18.03.2013, 20:26 | Message # 1
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Just a few notes and reminders about creating and posting "Challenges" in Space Journeys.

  • Challenges should have well-defined rules and criteria. In most cases these criteria should be numerically assessable (though there are some exceptions).

  • Challenge creators are responsible for keeping up with their challenges. If you make it, own it! If for some reason you are unable or unwilling to keep up with your challenge, ask a moderator if they would be willing to take over for you. Failing that, you could get another user to take over for you; they could create a new thread, and your challenge could be moved there by a moderator (this option should only be done if no moderator is willing to take over the challenge).

  • Quantitative challenges (those that can be assessed by numerical criteria) should generally remain open indefinitely, or until the release of a new version of SE with a different universe, depending on the circumstances.

  • Qualitative challenges (those that can not be assessed by numerical criteria) should generally have a time limit. If the results of the challenge are decided through voting, then the voting period should also have a time limit, and the winner(s) of the challenge should be announced shortly after the voting period has ended.

    Keep in mind how you plan to gather votes as well; the built in poll system only allows for a maximum of 10 entries, so if you use that you severely limit the number of participants in your challenge. If you want to allow more people to participate, you should have people cast votes in some other way.

A good example of a quantitative challenge would be Talisman's Biggest Star in SpaceEngine challenge.

A good example of a qualitative challenge would be HarbingerDawn's Best Screenshot with a Spacecraft challenge.

Please note that challenges will be moved to the archive two weeks after they are finished in order to reduce forum clutter.

Keep these things in mind when making your challenges and you'll have no problems.

Happy challenging!

All forum users, please read this!
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Forum » SpaceEngine » Space Journeys » Notes about Challenges (Read this before making a Challenge thread)
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