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The wackiest Terra with Life
WatsisnameDate: Monday, 08.04.2013, 23:04 | Message # 16
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I never said anything to that effect, no. And if you were only interested in the bulges, you should have said so. Your first post dealt with objects being molten, presumably by tidal forces judging from the context. Then you showed an image of bodies with molten surfaces...

Anyway, if an object were to hit the moon, both the Moon and the Earth would still have bulges. To see why, remember what causes them to bulge:

1: Equatorial bulge due to the object's rotation (which makes it oblate -- think the shape of an M&M)
2: Tidal bulge due to differential gravitational force from its neighbor (which makes it prolate -- think the shape of an American football)

So the image you linked is correct in showing that both bodies have large bulges (due to the tidal forces), but it is wrong in that it gives them the wrong shape. There should be bulges on both sides of each object, not just on the side facing toward its neighbor.

Tidal locking has no effect on the size of the tidal bulges (tidal force is the same, and is merely a function of the masses and distance separating them), but it does mean that the bulges are fixed relative to the surface of the body, so there is no frictional heating.

midtskogenDate: Sunday, 05.05.2013, 20:03 | Message # 17
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I came across this wacky terra with life in 0.97: RS 8404-3145-8-2406154-743 A1.3

It's in a septuple system and it has a crusing 763 atm pressure.

Attachments: 3628606.jpg(239Kb)


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UnnamedDate: Sunday, 05.05.2013, 23:22 | Message # 18
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and it has pink rings

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Forum » SpaceEngine » Space Journeys » The wackiest Terra with Life
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