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Forum » SpaceEngine » Space Journeys » MY HOME in the Universe (Where do YOU live in the universe?)
MY HOME in the Universe
MartekDate: Wednesday, 24.10.2012, 02:35 | Message # 1
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I know this will be a HOT topic.

Since we can all explore the Universe with Space Engine and go anywhere we want. I'd like to discuss other homes. When playing with the program for hours on end, I met some amazing Solar Systems and Planets. One thing is certain that I fell in LOVE with one particular place in which I call Home. I guess i'll name the planet Martek smile

Seeing how we are all one of the first ones to enjoy such a great program, I thought it would be amazing to see what you consider HOME. the rule is, it can't be EARTH.

I know you landed on a planet/moon that you thought was Magical to you and you really enjoyed everything about it. Heck, on my planet I am beginning to draw out my own constellation map biggrin

The planet doesn't have to be a Planet, but lets say it must be a Terra Planet or Moon. Mine is a Terra Moon, but it is amazing and it orbits TWO ringed bodies. It is located over 4000PC from Earth (about 16,000 light years) and is in the constellation Aquila. Orbiting a RED DWARF and YELLOW DWARF Binary.

I invite you, to my Home. this is called Planet Martek, and the Terra Moon "Excalibur" the ringed moon is called "Arthur"

Body "RS 8403-114-7-1058279-214 1.3"
Parent ""
Pos (3.912330520314256e-010, -2.009665850616696e-010, -5.183019000424248e-010)
Rot (-0.1211930502194128, -0.9139938776325521, 0.22738045041627, -0.3134095834482739)
Date "2006.02.01 16:50:28.14"
Vel 6.9184478e-011
Mode 1


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NeonDate: Wednesday, 24.10.2012, 22:15 | Message # 2
Group: SE team
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very nice planet.... I did have a home but I lost it, it was in LMC
SalvoDate: Saturday, 27.10.2012, 14:30 | Message # 3
Star Engineer
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My home is the planet that i made by myself: Zoi, at first i made it randomly, as one of the planets of Nangam system, but when i started to explore it, I founded wonderful landscapes, amazing places, and a very comfortable atmosphere, if someday they will implement cities and a bit more, this planet will realy become my home in this fictional universe smile
Attachments: 7529002.jpg(125.9 Kb) · 5743569.jpg(97.6 Kb)

The universe is not required to be in perfect harmony with human ambition.

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(still don't know why everyone is doing this...)

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anonymousgamerDate: Saturday, 27.10.2012, 19:45 | Message # 4
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Probably the most beautiful planet system I have ever seen in SpaceEngine, so I exported the system and I'm gonna make it my "Home Planet."

Here's the system layout. There's a superearth at the center with 7 moons, 4 of which have atmospheres and 1 of them which is another terra. The system revolves around 3 stars.

Here's the main planet and its stats. It looks very Earth like and I would presume it's habitable by the poles.

Here's a view of every moon in the system on the outermost moon.

Here's a beautiful view of the parent planet and 3 other moons on the Terra moon.

And some more views:

Attachments: 5623668.jpg(123.9 Kb) · 7689351.jpg(212.8 Kb) · 0333055.jpg(105.9 Kb) · 7211139.jpg(154.6 Kb) · 7048681.jpg(130.2 Kb) · 6443732.jpg(200.4 Kb)

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Donatelo200Date: Sunday, 28.10.2012, 03:24 | Message # 5
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United States
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Here is my home in SE. It is nearly identical to Earth and has beautiful array of moons that make an awesome sight in the night sky. Location: RS 0-5-26653-0-20626-8-4402838-116 4

Attachments: 9707166.jpg(285.6 Kb)

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DisasterpieceDate: Friday, 02.11.2012, 09:47 | Message # 6
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I play teh spase engien

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Forum » SpaceEngine » Space Journeys » MY HOME in the Universe (Where do YOU live in the universe?)
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