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News and Announcements
Read here for regular news and updates
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Thread: New website launch
Posted by: JackDole
Mods and Addons
Post here your mods for SpaceEngine, and other ideas for mods
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Thread: Lens Flares / Ghosts Mods
Posted by: Roswell
Feedback and Suggestions
Post here your ideas and suggestions to help improve SpaceEngine
426 4037
Thread: Way to reset the universe?
Posted by: Scruffygamer
Troubleshooting and Solutions
Post here technical questions, comments and problems you're having with SpaceEngine
403 2745
Thread: Black Nebulas?
Posted by: Scruffygamer
Development Status
Current plans, progress and status of SpaceEngine
28 1407
Thread: Work progress -
Posted by: JackDole
General Discussions
Post here for general comments and questions about SpaceEngine
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Thread: Wikipedia articles about Spa...
Posted by: stewartIM
Gameplay Discussions
Post your ideas and suggestions about future gameplay
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Thread: Guidance on controlling ship...
Posted by: Viktor
Space Journeys
Share stories, screenshots and videos of your adventures in SpaceEngine
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Thread: Challenge: The Biggest Star ...
Posted by: Ian07
Science and Astronomy Discussions
Technical stuff about space, new discoveries and other science etc
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Thread: Your Science Theories
Posted by: hunterbickel2003
Off-topic Discussions
Post here about anything
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Thread: some questions about coding
Posted by: hunterbickel2003
History of redundant threads - Read only
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Thread: Work progress and public beta test -
Posted by: Salvo

SpaceEngine International
Forum moderator: JackDole
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Thread: DSLR an Teleskop anschließen...
Posted by: Chris7377
Forum moderator: FastFourierTransform
6 29
Thread: Solución de Problemas
Posted by: contrueces07
Forum moderator: Inarius
13 605
Thread: Vos questions concernant Spa...
Posted by: Roswell
Forum moderator: Salvo
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Thread: Thead per le Domande Generic...
Posted by: Teterrimo
Other Languages
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Thread: Magyar
Posted by: Matsoftware

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